Thursday, June 05, 2008

Flux: a continuous moving on or passing by

Yes, well we are in a state of “flux.” Some good, bad, sad, necessary, unnecessary, you name, we have it.

Our sympathy to CT’s family. Her father-in-law did pass away Memorial Day weekend, after suffering a massive stroke. They had a funeral on Wednesday (out of town), and ZT’s graduation party on Saturday. GT came home, and with a steady hand, directed family & friends. The house was cleaned, bars were baked, yard mulched, plants planted, etc. The girl is management material, and we love her dearly! She also has some bad boo boo’s on her feet . . . we are sending her kisses to make it better (it will work much better if taken with liberal amounts of alcohol). Don’t tell your mother.

Now our dear ASJ “fluxing.” Her mother in law’s c ancer has taken it’s toll, and she is not expected to survive thru the weekend. She also had MJ’s graduation party on Sunday, and her husband has scheduled his back surgery for next week! The dear man has been in pain for a long time. He needs to get it done ASAP (urgent does not even begin to cover it).

We did have an emergency guild meeting last night and in all probability we will be delaying our trip to the island. But fear not. But not to fear. If we delay, it has already been decided that 1). we ditch the men; 2). we plan on going for a full week. “There is more than one way to skin a cat” as they say. The lake will be warmer, we will be there for longer, we have choices of sitting on the beach knitting and tanning, or sitting in the porch where it will be cooler (and closer to the beverages).

So the guild carries on and cares for each other, all with knitting needles and yarn in our hands!

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