Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Yarn, Yarn everywhere Yarn

Well here is my post finally about the big field trip to the cities. Here is a photo of the yarn that I purchased on the trip. I just love all of the yarn I purchased. Even purchased some for KK1 so that she may make some fingerless gloves. I have already made one sweater out of the pink and purple yarn. Made a weekend cardigan. and am now starting a weekend pullover with the orange and reddish color yarn. As I was saying over and over again last night. I just love to knit with the wonderful feeling yarn. I do have a request for bulky mittens out of the orange yarn also. Some of the yarn just spoke to me and said take me home with you, I will look very nice mixed in with all of the other yarn that you have.

I have also been busy making stitch markers, since I am working on size 15 and 17 needles hard to find marker to fit the big needles. So I thought to myself that I could make those fancy looking markers that they sell in all the yarn stores. So I did figure out how to do it and am going to make some more since I like them and they do make my knitting look extra pretty.


CT said...

Way to go KK1. How do you get the pictures right where you want them? We will have to have a guild meeting devoted to "posting to the blog"
Your yarn and stitch markers are very cool!
I am really enjoying my snow day, even if I do have to make it up in June.

CB said...

You are making stitch markers?!? I think we have crossed another threshold. They are mighty pretty!

Jane said...

Love the yarn and your stitch markers are too gorgeous! Loved your sweater Sunday...the heart buttons were perfect. I was hoping to get another look at it but had to tell the news to ct about her cousin. Nice work, Jane

Emily said...

Ookay, I'm a little jealous seeing the results of your yarn crawl.. yummy!