Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rip it! Rip it good!

Ok so I thought I would be posting a picture of my two halves of my half sweater. As it turns out I was a little over confident. Post hospital stay NK was nice enough to give me a tutoring session in the half sweater. I knit all week on the 2nd half of the half sweater. I cast it off Thursday night and laid the halves on the floor. Excellent, I had a right and a left. But they did not match. I took Friday to contemplate how to correct the situation. The only solution was rip it back 30 rows (which is like a gojillion stitches). Last night after school I ripped it out and put it back on the needle. I made myself knit 2 rows last night, just to get it over with. I have knit on and off today, slow but sure I will get it done the second time. I know ASJ loves to rip and re-knit, but I have to tell you, it is not working for me. Also, I do firmly believe that once I get the two halves done, I will not be able to put the 2 halves together, so I will forever have 2 halves of a sweater.

I had a baby shower today, I am not very good at this events (so I made GBT come with me). It was completely stressful. The gifts were all piled in the corner and they were bloody huge gifts. And here I am with one little box, containing a top down hooded baby sweater. As luck would have it, my gift was opened LAST. So I had over a half hour to sit and squirm while the mom to be opened, strollers, pack and plays, bouncers and all sorts of large expensive gifts. It did work out in my favor, when she opened the tiny little box containing one hand knit sweater, the other guests were chatting and ready to move on to the lunch phase of the afternoon. A couple of quick, "did you make that?" and off to the food we went.
Note to self: drop off gift and dash next time!!!

4-15-08: The 1/2 sweater is no more, it is now several balls of yarn in a ziplock bag.

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CB said...

Ouch . . . a zip lock! I will be ripping soon. I am waiting until Tuesday so I can rip it in good company.