Sunday, December 09, 2007

A little ASJ in all of us

Rather than work on my socks for the KAL that were supposed to done in October or work on my 1/2 sweater I decided to cast on some fair isle mittens (a little comfort knitting). I thought to myself, let's try ASJ's method of knitting the mittens on a circular needle. Teaching an old dog new tricks can be difficult, but I set out on my mission. After I completed the twisted German purl cast on I thought-- I can do this. It took me a few rows (ok, through the cuff and into the mitten) to hit my stride, but I eventually got it. I finished a lovely magenta and grey snowflake mitten today during the Packer game (it should be noted though that knitting during the Packer game is not a good idea). The ASJ method makes a better mitten, there is not that line or seam where the needles meet. I think it will take me through the 2nd mitten to really feel comfortable with the new process, but I am optimistic.
Yesterday, ASJ and I (with MMT in tow) made a quick trip to Color Crossing in Roberts for yarn (it was a guild sponsored event even though only ASJ and I went, we had orders from NK and CB). They recognized us as part of the "chicks" when we walked through the door (I think that is a good thing right). The place was hopping with knitters, weavers and other crafty people checking out the holiday craft fair they were hosting. We bought our yarn, (ASJ bought some Kathmandu, I was well behaved) some home made soap, stopped at the Baldwin DQ and were home by 3:30. A great way to spend the afternoon.


NK said...

wish I could have gone along..... I to shall try the ASJ method on my next pair of mittens. I am about 1/2 done on the first mitten and will try to finish it up tonight. I am also hitting my stride. Thanks for running for me.

CB said...

They reconized you! Oh my, I hope that is a good thing. Sorry I couldn't make it. But thank you for taking my list!!!!

ASJ said...

I'm so proud of you! Using the 12" circ is the ONLY way to go on those mittens. They knit up so quickly - you just have to make sure you adjust your tension to make it loose enough. But, it's even easier with the Cascade 220. The girls in Roberts really got that one right! And, they definitely smiled when they saw us, so I think it was all good.