Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.....

Well it appears to be over, (the holiday, not the snow) and I think I survived. The last 4 days have been sort of blur. On Saturday (the 22nd) we brought our traditional pizza to the swim team after the 12 days of Christmas practice, then we came back home to wrap, bake, clean and do laundry while waiting and worrying about GBT on the road coming home from Houghton. She arrived about 6pm after 6+ hours on the road in the fog and freezing rain. To celebrate, we took her to our fav restaurant, Cancun. (Thanks guild girls we really enjoyed dinner!). Sunday (the 23rd) despite the nasty snow and forecast for more snow, we loaded the 'burban, put it in 4 wheel drive and off to Hayward we went. Kids, dogs and presents in tow. It took us 2 hours 15 minutes, which is only 15 minutes longer than normal, which is not bad considering we stopped in Rice Lake for gas and a diet coke for me. We spent a snow filled day watching the Packers (grrr-can't believe we lost to the Bears twice!) and the Vikings (yeah-one more loss and no plays offs for them--he he he). Christmas eve was spent eating, watching TV, eating and knitting. I am almost done with the blue and black mittens for an ECA stars player. They are really pretty, I hope she likes them. Yesterday we raced home and made Christmas dinner for the MIL. By 6pm last night I was shot. Ready for the holiday to be over.
So here we are back to reality today. I just sent the boy off to swim practice, the girls are lying on the couch watching TV and I am, of course, cleaning up the house, doing laundry and trying to find time today to knit.

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CB said...

Don't hand over those mittens yet! I want to see them when they are finished!