Monday, November 26, 2007

Village Knitter or Village idiot?

So first I had the yucky yarn hat and mittens, 2 sets no less, now Aunt D gave me a hat her friend had knit her that was too big, she ripped it out and wants me to knit it again for her. What am I some sort of knitting machine? At least this project is easy and the yarn is quality natural fibers. But why couldn't she bring it back to said knitter friend? Sheesh!
So the big holiday/hunting season is over. I saw a picture of CB's buck (yep our little CB is a hunter). I guess she is such a crack shot, she shot one of the prongs off the antler. Who knew? We will have the last of the turkey leftovers for dinner on tonight and then Thanksgiving 2007 will be officially over. Then on to the next big holiday----yikes!

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