Monday, June 01, 2009

Playing Catch Up

June 1st! I checked the blog today to check the "countdown to the Island" and it was not there! It seems that we have really slacked off on this whole blog thing. Well, let's see if I can remedy that.
Knitters gone wild weekend to Duluth in April. We spent a lovely Saturday/Sunday retreat at the Canal Park lodge in Duluth the last weekend in April. We discovered a great yarn store in Gordon on our way to Duluth, a real hidden treasure! While in Duluth (when not trying to avoid the 6 zillion kids there for a church retreat) we ate, went yarn shopping, ate, took a lovely walk along the canal, ate and knit while eating. We went to Yarn Harbor on Sunday morning. This is a great yarn store, they have a whole wall of Cascade 220. We all got yarn for several projects, including the pattern for the February Lady sweater, which we all plan to make on the Island this year.
Lake Elmo Fiber Fest on Mother's Day weekend. I missed it again this year, drat, drat double drat!! I had a family obligation at the U of M, but it is my understanding that much alpaca yarn was purchased. I am very jealous.
Next adventure? The Island, we leave on Father's day for a glorious week of knitting on the shores of Lake Superior. This year the trip will be very different. First off, NK can't come, she will be on the church mission trip to Georgia. And the guys are coming!! The men plan to drive up later in the week to spend the 2nd weekend with us. How strange will that be? They better not expect us to spend time with them, knitting comes first on the Island.
I know I have been knitting a lot this spring, I have completed several small projects. A silky scarf for Dora (foreign exchange daughter from Brazil), 2 felted handbags (that NK jazzed up with needle felting!) that I donated to a silent auction. Each bag sold for $30! Heavy wool socks for the boy, to keep his feet warm in his new "student rental". Currently, another felted handbag for my sister-in-law. I have also ripped 2 sweaters, one that was more then 1/2 done. I think I am turning into AJ.
I have been too lazy to photograph my knitting, so a picture less post, but oh well, so goes life.
Knit on!

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CB said...

Yes, we have slacked off. Bad Bloggers . . I do have some photos though. We give the guys a chance at the lake. If it does not work out next year their privilges are REVOKED! ;-)