Thursday, June 11, 2009

Guild Violation?

Ok, so is this a Guild Violation or not? Inquiring minds want to know. MMT got her wisdom teeth out yesterday. I, of course, being a good knitter put the materials for a baby sweater in a sweet plastic shopping bag from Amazing Threads (in addition to great yarn, they have great bags). I cast on a cute little sweater and worked on it while the oral surgeon removed MMT's teeth. She came through surgery just fine and right around 10am, we headed home. I has asked the nurse to call her meds to the pharmacy so I could just stop and pick them up. I left MMT in the car while I ran into the pharmacy. I came back out (sans meds--it's a long story) and she was complaining of nausea. I thought ok, then I noticed in her drugged state, she had dumped my knitting on the floor of the car and was about to THROW UP in my knitting bag. I tried to hurry home as fast as I could, hoping to get her to a bathroom, rather than my car. I made it to the driveway, where all h^*& broke loose. The sweet bag from Amazing Threads is now in the dumpster and the only reason MMT is still alive is the fact that in her drugged haze she did manage to dump out the yarn.
Guild violation or not??? You decide.

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CB said...

I suppose because she was drugged, we can give her a break. But if she had not of dumped out the yarn . . . don't even go there!