Sunday, November 16, 2008

Knitting Blues

I said it out loud in the car on Saturday on the way to our little yarn adventure to Roberts, but yep, I have it, the knitting blues. (or in my case the knitting greens, since I seem to buy a lot of green yarn, also lucky for me NK did not kick me out of the car) While I have finished several projects:
  • 2 baby sweaters
  • 2 multi directional scarves
  • 2 pairs of clogs to be felted
  • 2 bags to be felted
  • 1 pair of ballet slippers to felt
  • 1 pair of fair isle mittens
  • 1 alpaca sweater (for GBT)
This knitting has almost all been for the silent auction to raised money for MMT and I go to on Mission Jamaica. I feel like it is a task, a job, a chore. I need to be done with this and knit something for pleasure. I do feel somewhat proud of myself, I have knit almost everything for the auction from scraps, so I don't feel like I am spending a lot on yarn for the auction. I have a hat left to finish for the auction and then I am pretty much out of scraps and can move on to another more fulfilling project. I did buy yarn on Saturday for a sweater, perhaps I can get that started over Thanksgiving break. The auction is not until February, so I think I can take a break for a little while.
Great outing to Roberts on Saturday! I have had a couple of flashbacks of "chatty" girl, but the time with the guild, the stop at the DQ and the laughter definitely out weigh the negative effects of chatty girl.

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