Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Where is the camera?

Yes it has been a very long time. And I have all kinds of knitting to show you and I can't take any photos! Argh!

  • One jacket needs to be blocked

  • One top down alpaca sweater needs to be blocked

  • Two top down baby sweaters, needs buttons and to be blocked

  • Three Spirit Scarves COMPLETE

  • One pair of socks

    Heaven help me, I am going to look for the camera


    CT said...

    I know where my camera is, but it needs batteries. We are quite a pair. I am down to the collor and finish work on my sweater. We will have to take a picture of you and GBT in your alpaca sweaters.

    NK said...

    I just got a new camera. We can use that one I just have to find all the cables for it. They are still in the box. I will keep them there so they will never get lost. I will bring it to you to work tomorrow.