Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Every Day, Sometimes More Than Once

I check this website, every single day, like I said sometimes (all the time) more than once. Checking the water temperature at the lake. Different sites give me slightly different temps. I like this one, because it gave me the warmest temp out of all of the sites I look at ( So the temp is in the 70's and it will probably only go up for the next week (here's hoping). So when the chicks arrive enmasse, we can float if so desired. One week, women only (women who knit), no children, husbands or dogs. Books, yarn, sun, sand (don't mix with the yarn).

My projects, socks, a sweater I started in June, dish cloths (for when I have a beverage). I never knit anything while drinking, bad things have happened. So to be on the safe side I am taking dish rag yarn. Only ten days . . . can't wait.

By the way, NK and AJ are in South Dakota with out us . . . leaving us to our own devices is never a good thing. That will teach them!

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CT said...

10 days!!! I am so excited. Don't forget we get to watch the Olympics while we are there, those should be great evening sessions.