Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Break Knitting

Even though it is officially spring, the weather man is predicting snow, I have no interest in snow, I only have interest in spring and sunshine. Every day I check to see how much grass is showing and how fast the snow is melting. Enough already with winter!
I finished the baby top down. I had to knit the hood twice, I misread the pattern and kept increasing on the hood, when I cast it off I realize what I had done. No one would want a hooded baby sweater for the hunchback of Notre Dame. So I ripped and re knit. I was watching March Madness, so I could justify the extra knitting time. I am still toying with adding several rows to the bottom, it looks short. However, I only have a few yards of yarn left, so I don't know if it would to much good.

GBT is coming home tomorrow for the holiday weekend. She has not been home since moving to Green Bay, it will be nice to have all the kids home, even if it is only for a short weekend.

Have a great Easter guild girls. ASJ---glad you are back, we missed you.

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